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We Clean, Strip, Seal, Restore & Enhance Hard Floors: Tiles, Stone, Brick Paving, Cement, Etc. Our Services Include:

• Tile RestorationFloor & Tile Cleaning • Disinfecting  Sealer Stripping Sealing Re-sealing • Grout Repair Grout Cleaning • Mould Removal Rust Removal • Sandstone, Slate, Cement, Porcelain, Terrazzo, Marble Polishing, Travertine Filling, Polishing & Crystallising • Manual Detailing  Steam Cleaning & Several Other Skilled Services


Carpet Cleaning in Benoni, Boksburg, Bedfordview and Edenvale Only.



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Please Note: We Do Many Things, But (i) We Do Not Sell Steam Cleaning Machines, Nor (ii) Do We Rent Ours Out.

Paving & Concrete Sealing

Orand Tick 27x27Protects          Orand Tick 27x27Beautifies Orand Tick 27x27Long Lifespan
Orand Tick 27x27Easy Cleaning Orand Tick 27x27Saves Money

Orand Tick 27x27Stain and Revive


Orand Tick 27x27Your Paving Is Quite An Asset

Most people don't think twice about sealing the tile and natural stone surfaces inside their homes, however few spare a thought for the external areas. Yet, of all the surfaces, the exterior paving and concrete surfaces take some of the worst punishment of all. In terms of cost, paving isn't a great deal cheaper than interior floors and because there's normally quite a bit of it, it represents quite a significant investment. So why let one of the largest assets of your home deteriorate year after year?

Clay BrickOrand Tick 27x27Why Seal Paving?

Think about it. Your brick paving takes a lot of punishment: it stands in the sun all day being baked to death, then, when the sun isn't beating down on it, there's acid rain falling on it. People drive all over it, spill oil on it... the damage never ends. To make matters worse, paving is usually made from highly porous materials like clay and cement, so the dirt really gets into the surface making it look tired and dirty. Sure, we can clean it for you and it will look great again. But if we sealed it for you at the same time it would not only be protected and much easier to keep clean, it would also look magnificent. It would turn something that is purely functional into something that is a beautiful feature of your home.

Orand Tick 27x27Transform Your Paving

Take a look at some of the pictures on this page. Magnificent, aren't they? The fact is, few things take a colour enhancing sealer better than a highly porous surface like paving. It penetrates right into the brick protecting it and giving it a deeper richer colour. It's really eye-catching. And if it's done properly with a high grade inorganic sealer, it will look like that for years and years. So what would your home look like if the paving were sealed? Well, a good way to get an idea is to look outside just after it has rained and the paving is still wet. Like what you see? Then call us!

Before AfterOrange CrossDIY

We know there's a great temptation to rush off down to the hardware store to get a cheap product and get the gardener to come in for a few extra days next week. Think of all the money you'll save! Well, here's a quick word of advice... Don't! You're heading for a disaster.

To begin with, most hardware stores only keep organic sealers and an organic sealer is not something you want to put on your brick paving. It cannot tolerate the harsh sunlight and difficult climatic conditions that paving is exposed to. It is going to break down and delaminate very quickly. So the right, good quality product is the first secret.

The second secret to a good sealing job that will last for years and years, is surface preparation: without the correct equipment, this is virtually impossible to achieve. So the sealer is not going to penetrate properly or evenly and your paving is going to end up blotchy like a cow's hide. Worse still, it's not going to penetrate at all and in a few months it will turn black as moisture gets underneath it. You won't see it at first, but believe us, you will at some point.

Lastly, an even and consistent application of the sealant coats is critical and because paving isn't a smooth even surface, this is impossible to achieve using brushes and rollers.

Sealing paving

Orand Tick 27x27How We Seal Paving

To begin with, we clean your paving with high pressure steam. This completely removes all dirt and any contamination that might prevent the sealer from penetrating the bricks. Then, after the paving has completely dried, and depending on the brick, we either apply sealant by hand using cloths, or we spray on inorganic sealers with specialised airguns. Inorganic sealers are incredibly tough and can happily tolerate harsh sunlight and moisture without breaking down. Depending on the job, sometimes we use airguns to obtain perfectly even coats on even the most uneven surfaces. No blotching, no pooling, no overlap marks ... just a perfectly even finish that transforms your paving into a magnificent feature. We are also particularly fond of applying sealant with a lint free cloth. It works.

There are many things you can do to enhance the beauty of your home. But there are few things you can do at such a relatively low cost that will make such a huge difference as having your paving cleaned and sealed. If you want your sealing done properly, email us today to have a wasted asset turned into a beautiful feature. We think the pictures on this page speak for themselves.

Remember, we can stain your paving too. So if the paving is looking dull, let us stain it before we seal it.





The Best Way To Get A Quote from Us


All surfaces are different and we can therefore not give you an "average per sqm price" over the phone. We prefer to get all the information about a problem so that we can forward an accurate quotation. In order to do this, we need:

1. The area size in sqm (please, we don't quote "per room" ... just do the best you can with area size).

2. A detailed description of the problem. So please "tell us the full story" of your floor and its problem and try and be as thorough as possible. The more we know, the better we can quote. For example, telling us that your floor is "very dirty" doesn't help us; rather tell us whether there is old sealant on the floor, oil, what stains, wax, polish, soil ... whatever it may be, just tell us about it.

3. The physical address of the work site. If not the full address, then at least the suburb please.

4. Pictures of the problem. If emailing pics is a problem, send the pics via Whatsapp or Signal on 076 030 8191 (... remember to send the other info via email as it helps us keep track of our customers' specs and needs). Also, please, the pictures need to include a wide shot or two so we can get a sense of the area, then close-ups of tiles and its problems: pretend we are there, sitting on our haunches, having a look at the floor.


So, a good variety of pics is always good.


And in absolutely no time, we will send a tailor-made quote, just for you. If the job is too complicated or you don't feel like sending pics and measuring up, we will come out.



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