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Before You Rip Up Your Floor, Contact Us First!

We'll Do The Floor-Whispering, ... You'll Save On The Cost Of Replacing Your Floor.


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We Clean, Strip, Seal, Restore & Enhance Hard Floors: Tiles, Stone, Brick Paving, Cement, Etc. Our Services Include:

• Tile RestorationFloor & Tile Cleaning • Disinfecting  Sealer Stripping Sealing Re-sealing • Grout Repair Grout Cleaning • Mould Removal Rust Removal • Sandstone, Slate, Cement, Porcelain, Terrazzo, Marble Polishing, Travertine Filling, Polishing & Crystallising • Manual Detailing  Steam Cleaning & Several Other Skilled Services


Carpet Cleaning in Benoni, Boksburg, Bedfordview and Edenvale Only.



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Please Note: We Do Many Things, But (i) We Do Not Sell Steam Cleaning Machines, Nor (ii) Do We Rent Ours Out.

Natural Stone Cleaning

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If you were fortunate enough to have natural stone floors installed you might not be feeling quite so lucky right now. Your floors were magnificent when they were new, but now, somehow, they seem to be permanently dirty. Furthermore, you will know that no amount of scrubbing with all sorts of detergents seem to get them clean. If only there were a way to return natural stone floors to their original beauty. Well, now there is! We will either send in our team for inch-by-inch detailing, or if required we will steam - it all depends on your problem.

Orange CrossNatural Stone Is A Dirt Trap

Natural stone floors come with certain disadvantages. First of all the majority of natural stone is porous. The surface actually absords dirt and stains. Secondly, the surface of natural stone is just that – natural - and nature isn’t very good at doing smooth surfaces. That natural rough surface makes a brilliant dirt trap and the uneveness makes it almost impossible clean. If the floor wasn't sealed when it was put down, you may have a real problem. Perhaps the floor was sealed but the sealant has simply come to the end of its lifespan; if so, dirt will penetrate your natural stone like nothing else. How you clean also plays a role (see the article on the "Tile Cleaning" page).

Img19Orange CrossThe Surface Becomes Blackened And Ugly

So, over time natural stone floors seem to become permanently dirty and it’s the very act of trying to keep them clean that has caused this; it is very difficult to wipe an uneven surface clean, so every time the floor is washed some of the dirt is left behind. This dirt is furthermore covered in a layer of water and detergent. The water dries leaving limescale, the detergent hardens into a crust and the dirt becomes trapped underneath. This happens over and over again until you can actually see the dirt trapped on the surface: and you can’t get it off. If the stone is outside and has been exposed to the elements, it may well be blackened with mould as well. There will probably also be stain marks caused by oil, grease and acid rain. Even rust is a commen phenomenon on stone especially when you have pots standing around.

 Orand Tick 27x27Custommade Solutions

So all natural stone floors are different, not only in what they are, but also in how they have been treated and maintained. So, we custom-make a solution that is specifically devised for your particular stone problem. So if your floor needs a strip or a clean and re-seal, or you have a mould or rust problem, or we need to fix your grout where it has fallen out, or you have grout haze everywhere, or cement splodges from builders or paint spills from painters who didn't use drop sheets, or your travertine is falling apart and all the filling has come out ... whatever the problem, we will endeavour to sort it out. We will even stain dull marble, brick paving, old dull pavers so that they look livel. And then of course we will seal to leave you with a surface that is something you can be proud of and which is easy to maintain. So before you are tempted to go to the very expensive lengths of ripping up your stone patio or travertine floor, contact us first to see if we cannot help at much less than what it will cost you to replace the entire floor.  

 Orand Tick 27x27The Benefits Of Manual Detailing

There are certain problems when cleaning natural stone, such as old and/or failing sealant, excess grout left by lazy tilers, cement residue, paint spills and marks left by uncaring builders, mould, rust, efflorescence and car oil spills that steam cleaning will simply not fix. In cases such as these we will assess the problem, decide what needs to be done and which products to use. Then we will send in a well-trained team to pay inch-by-inch attention to your floor. If you like, we will then also protect your floor so that you don't get to the same, dirty point in the future.



  Orand Tick 27x27The Power of High-Heat, High-Pressure Steam

* Steam is not a cure-all for all ills. Only certain specific problems require hot steam at very high pressure. We will only suggest steam if it is the right option.  

Now when we are talking steam, we are not talking about these small home steamers that you may be considering buying right now, nor are we talking about the so-called steamers our competitors will bring into your home.The trick with steam cleaning is that there must be enough steam and it must be hot. The small steam cleaners that our competitors use simply cannot produce enough high heat, high pressure steam. This is because they get their electricity from a plug socket in your home. Remember that a wall socket can only produce approximately 2kW, maybe 1kW more, of power. That's nothing compared to the 38kW of power that we can generate in the truck. So these small systems can never produce enough pressure or heat to be called a real steam clean, not a pseudo effort. It therefore logically follows that they can then also not clean properly when there is a truly difficult job at hand. 


Our system is the only one of its kind in the country. It is truck-mounted, so it stays in a large van while we run two hoses to the site. The first hose brings the steam in, and the second hose takes the dirt out to a waste tank which is also in the truck. The system needs a lot of pressure and heat so we generate our own power (about 38kW of it) in the truck. Steam comes out of the diesel burners at a consistent temperature of 260˚ Celsius. That’s hot!  Then we pump it all to the cleaning head at 200 bars of pressure. If you stop to think about it, that’s almost 100x the pressure of what’s in your car tyres! Our rotary cleaning head is specifically designed to clean floor tiles and all other hard surfaces.  No competitor can come close.





Orand Tick 27x27Astonishing Results No Matter Which Approach We Use

Whether your floor requires manual detailing or steam, we are very effective. We aim to restore the natural shine and original colour. In us, you will have a solution to what seemed like an impossible problem and will be left with a fresh, clean, sparkling tiled floor at a fraction of the cost of replacing it.

 Orand Tick 27x27How Long Will It Stay Clean?

How long is a piece of string? The best way to answer this question is: we will do most of the work, but you must do the rest. With the right cleaning regimen (no mops, no harsh chemicals, and oft-replaced clean water in your cleaning bucket plus a second bucket to squeeze dirty water into), it will take a very long time for the tiles to get so dirty that they are impossible to clean. And when they start looking a little sad, just get us in again.



The Best Way To Get A Quote from Us


All surfaces are different and we can therefore not give you an "average per sqm price" over the phone. We prefer to get all the information about a problem so that we can forward an accurate quotation. In order to do this, we need:

1. The area size in sqm (please, we don't quote "per room" ... just do the best you can with area size).

2. A detailed description of the problem. So please "tell us the full story" of your floor and its problem and try and be as thorough as possible. The more we know, the better we can quote. For example, telling us that your floor is "very dirty" doesn't help us; rather tell us whether there is old sealant on the floor, oil, what stains, wax, polish, soil ... whatever it may be, just tell us about it.

3. The physical address of the work site. If not the full address, then at least the suburb please.

4. Pictures of the problem. If emailing pics is a problem, send the pics via Whatsapp or Signal on 076 030 8191 (... remember to send the other info via email as it helps us keep track of our customers' specs and needs). Also, please, the pictures need to include a wide shot or two so we can get a sense of the area, then close-ups of tiles and its problems: pretend we are there, sitting on our haunches, having a look at the floor.


So, a good variety of pics is always good.


And in absolutely no time, we will send a tailor-made quote, just for you. If the job is too complicated or you don't feel like sending pics and measuring up, we will come out.



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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Our 'Before & After' pics constitute only a small portion of our work. Where required, when we quote, we will send you specifically relevant "befores and afters" of even more jobs we have done over the years.


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