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Tiles are resilient and cope well in high traffic areas. They are also pretty easy to keep clean when they're new. However, after a while they become dull and discoloured with visible dirt trapped in and on the surface. After a little more time, they become absolutely impossible to clean. When your tiles reach this stage and end up driving you mad with frustration, simply contact us. We will be able to help you nine out of ten times.

Tiles Become Dirty, Dull And Discoloured

Tiles will obviously get dirty and will require regular cleaning by a homeowner. However, there are two broad issues that exacerbate the dirt on a tile which could lead to it becoming virtually impossible to clean tiles with a normal weekly household regimen:

The tiles are not sealed (or were sealed but the sealant has now come to its lifespan) and/or the cleaning process itself.

The first issue is that the sealant is either failing, or that the tiles were never sealed to begin with.

Sealant provides protection on many levels. If you don't seal your tiles, or haven't, or the sealant has failed (either through a bad application, use of harsh cleaning chemicals or simply because the sealant has come to the end of its lifespan), you will probably run into a myriad of cleaning problems with your tiles. Check whether the sealant is good by taking a little water and pouring it onto your tiles: if the water splodges out sideways instead of beads proudly on top of the tile, chances are your floor wasn't sealed, or the sealant has failed.

The second issue could be that that you are not cleaning your tiles in the right manner, using the right kind of product.

What kills a tile can be the cleaning process itself. You probably wash your tiles at least twice a week; every time you do that, you leave a thin layer of water and detergent on the surface (especially if you use a mop and don't change the water in the bucket frequently enough). The water dries leaving a layer of limescale The detergent hardens into a crust and this builds up over time.

At first it is invisible, but do this twice a week for a year or two and the build-up becomes quite significant and visible. Eventually the tile actually changes colour and becomes even more grubby and lifeless. The worst areas are those along the edges, close to the wall and in the corners. It's dificult to clean there, so the dirt layer accumulates even faster until the entire floor is dirty, unhygienic and impossible to clean.

Finally there is the grout. Grout is porous, so it will actually absorb fine particles of dirt. It also absorbs sugars and fats, just what bacteria need to thrive on, and so, grout rapidly turns black.

This layer of build-up is extremely hard and it’s impossible to remove. Until now the only real solution has been to replace the entire floor when tiles are impossible to clean. However, this is not a real solution as it is very expensive and messy, disrupts productivity and routine and can cause a significant amount of stress. In a commercial environment, the loss of revenue is not to be underestimated.

Finally There Is A Solution

We are a team of professionals who will treat each problem on its own merit. All floors are different to begin with, but not only are they different, they have also been treated differently, so each solution needs to be custom-made for the specific problem. Whether we need to manually strip, clean and re-seal your tiles, or use a range of products and manual detailing or decide use steam will be determined by the state of your floor. Whichever process we use, we will endeavour to restore your tiles to the best they can be. And if it cannot be done and it is indeed better to replace, we will tell you. However, ask us first to tell you what we think should happen.

The Power Of Manual Detailing

There are certain problems when cleaning tiles, such as old and/or failing sealant, excess grout left by lazy tilers, cement residue, paint spills and marks left by uncaring builders, mould, rust, efflorescence and car oil spills, among many other things, that steam cleaning will simply not fix. In cases such as these we will assess the problem, decide what needs to be done and which products to use. Then we will send in a well-trained team to pay inch-by-inch attention to your floor. If you like, we will then also protect your floor so that you don't get to the same, dirty point in the future.

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