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Before You Rip Up Your Floor, Contact Us First!

We'll Do The Floor-Whispering, ... You'll Save On The Cost Of Replacing Your Floor.


076 030 8191 - Gauteng & Surrounds - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We Clean, Strip, Seal, Restore & Enhance Hard Floors: Tiles, Stone, Brick Paving, Cement, Etc. Our Services Include:

• Tile RestorationFloor & Tile Cleaning • Disinfecting  Sealer Stripping Sealing Re-sealing • Grout Repair Grout Cleaning • Mould Removal Rust Removal • Sandstone, Slate, Cement, Porcelain, Terrazzo, Marble Polishing, Travertine Filling, Polishing & Crystallising • Manual Detailing  Steam Cleaning & Several Other Skilled Services


Carpet Cleaning in Benoni, Boksburg, Bedfordview and Edenvale Only.



For All Quotes It's Best to Email Us (See Bottom Of Page For What To Include In Your Email) 



Please Note: We Do Many Things, But (i) We Do Not Sell Steam Cleaning Machines, Nor (ii) Do We Rent Ours Out.

The Difference Between our Steam and Everyone Else's

Orand Tick 27x27Restores Floors Orand Tick 27x27Astonishing Results Orand Tick 27x27Tremendous Power
Orand Tick 27x27Enormous Advantages Orand Tick 27x27Extremely Fast Orand Tick 27x27Saves Money



We've all heard about the power of "steam cleaning". It's used in industry to clean and sterilise heavy equipment. But when it comes to floor cleaning, no other company actually uses powerful steam. You see, there's a small problem: they all have to plug their little units into a wall. Ask them, and if honest, they will tell you that the most power you can get from a plug socket is about 2 - 4kW.

So, if anybody brings a machine that plugs into a wall socket, this is what you'll get in most cases: hot vapour sprayed on the floor and sucked up with a large vacuum cleaner. There's no real heat (we can generate  as much as 260°C), no agitation & no rinsing (we do both) and a wet floor afterwards (we don't leave a wet floor). Given all of this, what exactly do you pay for when you make use of our services?

 Orand Tick 27x27Astonishing Results

We are the first and only company in South Africa to use really powerful steam. Our steam is a result of the fact that we generate our own power (38kW of it), in the truck itself. The difference between the power of the steam we generate and the steam everyone else can generate is enormous. Remember, they can only generate at most about (not even) 3,3kW (mostly just 2kW actually). If you are a business, in rare cases, someone will have a 18kW machine, BUT then they would need 3-phase power from you, and again they would have to plug their machine in. Ask them for their spec sheets and compare what they offer in terms of power compared to what we offer and you will immediately see that our high-pressure, high-heat  steam is enormously powerful. It also means we are able to achieve astonishing results that nobody else can.

 Orand Tick 27x27Tremendous Power

To generate steam at very high temperatures and pressure you need a lot of power: a plug socket just can't supply enough, even 3-phase power (which you won't have in your home) cannot generate what we generate in the truck. So our 38kW power unit is an industrial-grade machine and the power it produces translates directly into the steam we produce. You will not find the same power with anyone else. To get to the site, we run hose lines to wherever we need to go and can work up to several storeys high with the truck down below in the parking lot.

Orand Tick 27x27Enormous Advantages

The advantages are vast and varied: our diesel burners produce tremendous heat; our pumps deliver huge pressure; our vacuum systems suck every last drop of moisture out of the work area. So if we clean your tiles, natural stone or concrete you can use the area immediately. You’ll love us!

Orand Tick 27x27Big Money Saver!

Also, you don't have to worry about hygiene. Our powerful steam is so hot it instantly kills anything it comes into contact with. So, not only is the whole area completely clean it's also completely sanitised. It's so effective we don’t even need to use harsh chemicals. That means no sticky residues; everything is clean and stays clean for far longer. That’s a big money saver! And the environment loves us too!

What do we need from you? Just a tap with a supply of clean fresh water and a drain into your sewerage system. We’ve seen what comes out of dirty floors and we don’t want to put that back into the environment!

redlegseOrand Tick 27x27Email Us

In order to help you, we need you to email us! Be as thorough as possible in the email and include a detailed description of the problem, some pics, the area size and your physical address. We quote per brief, so if when we quote on an inaccurate brief, we may not be able to make things work, we may have to charge you for the extras that usually come with an inaccurate brief, or we may be totally under-prepared and need to turn around, go home and re-quote. So, please note that an accurate brief is pivotal.  

We can never quote over the phone as no two surfaces are the same, so if you call us on 076 030 8191 in order to get a "ball park"-quote, we won't be able to give it to you and will probably ask you to send us an email anyway. However, once a quote has been accepted and the work has been done, we guarantee you'll fall in love with that beautiful surface all over again. So feel free to sit and relax on your floor as we can assure you it will be cleaner than the chairs in your home.

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Contact Details


Please email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a full brief to obtain an accurate, obligation-free quote.


Advanced Floor Cleaning Systems

84 Concorde Road East



South Africa


076 030 8191

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Our approach to floors. achieves astonishing results!


Our 'Before & After' pics constitute only a small portion of our work. Where required, when we quote, we will send you specifically relevant "befores and afters" of even more jobs we have done over the years.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please read our Terms & Conditions.

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