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Before You Rip Up Your Floor, Contact Us First!

We'll Do The Floor-Whispering, ... You'll Save On The Cost Of Replacing Your Floor.


076 030 8191 - Gauteng & Surrounds - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We Clean, Strip, Seal, Restore & Enhance Hard Floors: Tiles, Stone, Brick Paving, Cement, Etc. Our Services Include:

• Tile RestorationFloor & Tile Cleaning • Disinfecting  Sealer Stripping Sealing Re-sealing • Grout Repair Grout Cleaning • Mould Removal Rust Removal • Sandstone, Slate, Cement, Porcelain, Terrazzo, Marble Polishing, Travertine Filling, Polishing & Crystallising • Manual Detailing  Steam Cleaning & Several Other Skilled Services


Carpet Cleaning in Benoni, Boksburg, Bedfordview and Edenvale Only.



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Please Note: We Do Many Things, But (i) We Do Not Sell Steam Cleaning Machines, Nor (ii) Do We Rent Ours Out.

Marble & Granite Polishing

Orand Tick 27x27Restore the Sheen Orand Tick 27x27Diamond Pads Orand Tick 27x27Professional Team
Orand Tick 27x27Attention to Detail Orand Tick 27x27Remove Scratches  


Orange CrossUgh!

So your marble or granite is scratched or it has lost its lustre. Or your travertine looks dreadful and needs a fill and a polish. Or even worse, your builders didn't bother to protect your newly laid tiles and have now destroyed them by walking all over them. Before committing murder, email us for a quote. We will give it our best shot to try and fix it for you.

Orand Tick 27x27Now What?

We use diamond pads, yes pads with diamond chips embedded in them, to polish with. It takes time and patience, and the more sheen you want, the more varied the grits of the pads we use and the longer it takes. The result is a beautiful floor, no matter what level of polish your floor requires.    

2-Marble-tables-scratched- 1







 Orand Tick 27x27Cost

There's good, fast and cheap: you can have any two. Good and fast, won't be cheap. Cheap and good, won't be fast. Fast and cheap, won't be good: you get the picture?

Remember, we are working with hard stone, not a soft medium. Having said that, it is always worth polishing as opposed to replacing, as stone can be very costly to install new. Point is, if you really want this done, please don't expect a quick, cheap and nasty fix to the problem.

Orand Tick 27x27How does it work?

Depending on the surface and the severity of the scratches, we determine what level of polishing needs to be done. Sometimes it is a 2-pass polish, other times a 5-pass polish, but the pivotal word is "polish" and polishing scratches out or alternatively a sheen into stone, takes time.  We can sometimes use up to 5 different pads/grits to remedy your problem.

Sometimes stone cannot be polished without costing the customer a fortune. In that event, we could suggest and perform alternative remedies - it all just depends on the particular problem. So don't hesitate to contact us with all the details, some pictures, size of area and we will see how best to help. So if you have a rough problem, we have a smooth solution.

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Please email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a full brief to obtain an accurate, obligation-free quote.


Advanced Floor Cleaning Systems

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South Africa


076 030 8191

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Our approach to floors. achieves astonishing results!


Our 'Before & After' pics constitute only a small portion of our work. Where required, when we quote, we will send you specifically relevant "befores and afters" of even more jobs we have done over the years.


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